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Pressure Prevention

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A.P.P. Standard Pump & Pad
A.P.P.Wheelchair & Pump System 18  x 16  x 3 1/4  (Chair Air)
Includes Pump * Iindividual bladders alternate every 10 minutes to provide a comfortable pressure r..
Air-Pro APP Overlay Mattress System Non-Adj Pump & Pad
NON-ADJUSTABLE PUMP * PlusTM Pump & Pad * Includes a foldaway bed hanger bracket which keeps the p..
Air-Pro APP Overlay Mattress System-Bubble Pad Multi
Air-pro pad deluxe: 35 x 79 x 3.75 with end flaps * Extra Bubble Pads Only * Air Pro D Pad Multi..
Alphabed And Beta II A.P.P. - Bubble Pad Only (AB010)
For hospital / nursing home use * An APP with low pressure alert light illuminated on/off switch g..
Alternating Pressure Pad (AB012)  Heavy-Duty
Pad measures 74 x 31 x 2-1/2 * Weight capacity 250 lbs. * Made from a heavy grade vinyl for durab..
Apollo 3-Port Low Air Loss Mattress & APP System
The Apollo 3-Port Alternating Pressure Air Flotation Mattress System with gentle low air loss incorp..